Why International Trade Finance?

International Trade Finance’s Strategies
In today’s global economy, many small and medium-sized companies no longer look to banks, but commercial lending organizations to satisfy the financial needs of a growing business. International Trade Finance can offer Letters of Credit and coordinate with the nation’s top factors to meet your company’s Purchase Order Financing and Accounts Receivable Factoring needs.

Purchase Order Financing provides Cash Flow Solutions 
Purchase Order Financing can work for import financing, export financing, domestic distributors, and assemblers to assist in fulfilling purchase orders from domestic and foreign buyers. Purchase Order Financing works by temporarily relieving a company from cash requirements needed to pay for the Cost of Goods and frees the company’s capital for investments, operating expenses, and further growth. If you have purchase orders from credit-worthy buyers, International Trade Finance can provide capital or Letters of Credit to cover your company’s accounts payable, shipping, and warehousing costs necessary to fill these purchase orders.

Letters of Credit provide Risk Insurance 
Other advantages to Purchase Order Financing include standard credit checks to give reassurance that your buyers will pay on time. International Trade Finance also provides our customers with instant access to quality insurance, which is normally only available to lending institutions. As an International Trade Finance client, your company can take advantage of an insurance policy that covers most of your costs should your buyers be unsatisfied with the quality of the product. Also, with Letters of Credit, there is the comfort of knowing that you will not be obligated to pay a supplier who performs inadequately.

… Each client is different, so call International Trade Finance today and find out if our Purchase Order Financing program is right for you.